M A R K M E S S A G E # 1 (07/11/2016)

      Mark Island Music is not a band... it's a recording project... a music lab... that I direct and produce(sometimes with the help of others(see Credits, Info., etc. page). I author the words and music... sing lead vocals... and play guitar and keyboards. Since there are no fixed band members like a classic ensemble... I simply bring musicians in to the studio that I feel are best suited to a particular song and/or group of songs I'm working on at the time. I'm into a myriad of different styles and musical expressions... therefore, Mark Island Music has become an eclectic mix of rock, rock jazz, rock blues, pop, pop romantic, modern folk and new age hybrids. At home... I may be listening to Rachmaninoff or Vivaldi on a classical station... and then find myself streaming the likes of James Marshall Hendrix or Bob Dylan. I've found out over time in conversations with others... that I'm not alone in the world with an affection for multi-musical styles.

    At some point in time I will determine if there is a significant enough demand to hear the music in a live setting. I've preformed solo, in duos and bands over time... so I'm not a stranger to the live performance... but I'll wait and see what kind of reaction comes of my new releases before I set myself

to building a band.

    No matter what kind of music captivates you... I hope that you will find a song or two that gets under your skin in a good way. The natives are getting restless in every part of a world. All of humanity is beset by human conflict with all it's social and politcal complexities heading into an abyss... or so it seems. It all leaves me thinking... "Take me to a higher place". Music has always been a place refuge for us all... no matter what genres we gravitate towards. I hope Mark Island Music will become one of your audio getaways that helps you to transcend life's darker side... Mark Island

M A R K M E S S A G E # 2 (07/11/2016)

    Mark Island Music came to life for me... when a small business I was running started to crumble under the stress of a weak US economy in 2009. I found myself writing more and more. The things(guitar, keyboard and the desire to set words to music) that were on my life's back burner... moved to my front burner of activity... instead of my business routines. There was no work... and I had a lot of time on my hands. After coming through a strong creative period ... I stood up from my desk and contemplated my personal satisfaction with having charted out some new songs that I felt very good about. My guitar was in hand and strapped over my back. As I stood up and turned around to get out of my chair... I stopped to take a long look at the beautiful painting of an island(scene perspective > looking from the inside out... into a bay where three sailboats were coming into the harbor). Like some paintings do... it has a glass pane placed over the artwork within the frame to protect it. Although preoccupied with all the splendid imagery of the bay at the sandy, palm tree laden island's edge... I saw my reflection in the glass pane. At that moment I heard a voice inside my head say... "Mark Island... you've arrived!"... and that's the story of how I came to my artist name and/or music project title. The sailboat on a CD/record disc that I designed soon became my logo and "The natives are getting restless" my slogan. So there you have it. You don't need to know any of the info. set forth on this page to enjoy the music... I just wanted you to know... M.I.


       M A R K  I S L A N D  M U S I C 

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